Steller x Teenventure

Photo: Rebecca Slater

Photo: Rebecca Slater


Steller Hair Company is more than a salon. This comes as no surprise to those who know us: the love we have for our community goes beyond doing hair behind the chair. We are constantly looking for opportunities to do the most good with the tools and platform we have as a small business!  

Recently we were connected with the Twin Cities organization called TeenVenture. TeenVenture helps young adults explore what their authentic interests are and gives exposure to different career opportunities that might be available. With a mission statement like INSPIRING YOUTH TO IMAGINE THEIR FUTURE we couldn’t help but want to support them!


“Teenventure provides youth ages 11-14 an opportunity to explore a variety of post secondary education, training and careers.Teenventure takes place when school is not in-session and is intended to expose youth to opportunities that are possible in their future.

Due to financial constraints, so many youth do not have access to explore the world around them during their time away from school.”

-Lori, Teenventure

Steller Hair Company had the honor of welcoming twenty-five St Paul 8th graders for an afternoon of connecting, exploring and learning.  The team at Teenventure initially reached out in hopes of giving their students  a window into what it means to be a hairstylist, but they also asked for us to share more about the Steller Kindness Project and how that can translate into any work environment and career.  

The group from Teenventure was beautifully diverse, open and interested in learning and being challenged.  Our day together began with a tour of the salon, where we talked through the many job opportunities one would have working in this industry (hairstylist, makeup artist, manager, business owner, educator, etc), as well as what the daily flow of Steller looked like.  

After answering a myriad of questions raised by this amazing group, we went up to Steller Connect to do some hands-on fun.  Katie and Kayla taught a few haircutting techniques, and then supported the students in taking turns cutting a mannequin’s hair. 

Latham led the Kindness Project aspect of the day, encouraging the group to write notes of kindness and encouragement to someone.  It was exciting to have  a conversation around the fact that each individual person can make a difference in the world.  We might not see the outcome of a simple act of kindness, but that doesn't mean it didn't make a difference. 

The Kindness Project activity ended up being an unexpected highlight because the students decided that they wanted to write notes of kindness, and then go and give them to strangers at Spyhouse Coffee.  To say people were impacted would be an understatement! 

At the end of the day, who knows if any of these students will work in the hair industry? 

We were satisfied by the fact that we were able to welcome them into a work environment that is supportive, respectful and intentionally kind. 

We hope their experience at Steller Hair showed them that no matter what kind of work they do, now or in the future, they have the capability and opportunity  to pursue their goals with passion, integrity and kindness. 

Photo: Rebecca Slater

Photo: Rebecca Slater