If Fear Is Contagious, Why Can’t Kindness Be? 


The Steller Kindness Project is a platform to share stories of quiet acts of kindness. We want to celebrate people who are positively impacting others, sometimes without even realizing it. This project is meant to inspire. We believe that if we want to see macro changes in our word, it needs to start on a micro level. It starts with showing up and being kind to the person right in front of you.


We all drive by people every day who are asking for help. Our initial thoughts might be laced with judgment, assumptions or discomfort, and that makes sense. I want this project to be a challenge to those reactions, and shed light on the fact that you are driving by a human who has experienced pain, joy and everything in between. People don't need to be saved, they need to be seen, and we all have the capability to do that.


We have the opportunity, whatever our platform, to show up and advocate for the people in our communities. Steller Kindness Project hopes to give a platform, and create opportunities, for people who want to show up, and give back. Community is going to bring us into contact with people that are different than us in a meaningful way.

Meet the Steller Kindness Project Board


How will you show up today?


Community isn’t about connecting with people who are similar to us. I believe it is the recognition, acceptance and celebration of all humans, regardless of their past, present or future.


*if you are interested in making a tax deductible donation, please contact Katie // katie@stellerkindnessproject.com