Herron, Trigger and Buckley

“This one goes out to those who’s future forsaken, set out in search of some slivers of truth” -Herron


We are people, just trying our best, just like everyone else.


As Katie was on her way to work, she drove by a man and his dog. The cross street of University and 1st is a destination for many Northeasters. From Surdyk’s to Pizza Nea, Lunds to Ginger Hop. 

After catching a glimpse of Trigger and his dog, Buckley, she took a mental evaluation of her day, and decided to drive around the block and connect with this interesting fellow. 


When offered a free haircut, Trigger responded with laughter, and followed up with “my girl, Herron, is inside Brueggers grabbing some OJ. She would love a cut”

This fascinating trio was on their way to Tennessee, and stopping by Minnesota only due to the fact that the train they “hopped” brought them here. 

The Red Chair was lugged out of Katie’s Nissan, and was met with cheers and genuine excitement by Herron and Trigger (Buckley continued napping in Herron’s guitar case, along with a few dollars from passerby’s).

Herron and Trigger both came from self proclaimed Gypsey backgrounds. Both of their parents lived this lifestyle well before their time, and that was the normality they experienced as children. They met each other within the past year, and have decided that their unpredictable lifestyle was not supporting their future hopes.

As Katie was cutting Trigger’s hair into a Mad Men inspired fade, 3 police officers pulled up and made it clear that they were their to address this sidewalk salon.


Katie quickly acknowledged them, and requested if they were their to put a stop to the Red Chair Project, she could AT LEAST finish the haircut. The leading officer looked the situation up and down, and then responded with “as long as the sidewalk is clear for pedestrians, this is alright”. Herron quickly moved their bags and belongings to the side of the road, and the haircuts continued. Not only were the police officers accommodating the unconventional “roadside salon” the spent time chatting with the three of us, with open curiosity of the situation and lifestyle that this sweet couple was experiencing.

“the people hear are the nicest” Herron remarked.

Beyond the hair interaction, Herron shared her poetry, hopes and sadness. She opened up about her past trauma, as well as ADHD and mental health. She is a beautiful example of authentic humanity, and using the way she grew up to help her find her place in a society that doesn’t make her existence comfortable.

This trio brought genuine joy, hope and sadness to the Red Chair. We may never hear from them again, but our life is better because of their existence.

Herron proudly shared one of her poems, and was excited to have the opportunity to share it with others. Watch the video below!

Herron’s Poem